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Top 10 Latest Inventions of October 2010


Upgraded Exoskeleton from Lockheed Martin

Recently Lockheed Martin presented the improved version of its exoskeleton called MKII. The new model boats better protection and can be adjusted much easier that the previous device.

The person equipped with the new exoskeleton is stronger and faster. A soldier wearing the power-suit will be able to carry a heavy load of up to 200lbs across a rough area at a speed of about 7mph.

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World's Smallest HD Display

OrtusTech is the firm that managed to create the smallest full HD display in the world.

The gadget measures 4.8 inches and has a panel with a 1,920 × 1,080 resolution, which was achieved using the in-house Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT microfabrication technology.

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New Tech to Help Plant 900,000 Trees a Day

Another revolutionary idea from Lockheed Martin is a fleet of cargo aircrafts that could be used to plant trees. It is worth mentioning that the decommissioned planes, which the company looks forward to using, were formerly used to drop land mines.

Using a special technology, each aircraft will be able to plant up to 900,000 trees just one day, flying at an altitude of 1,000 feet at a speed of 130 knots.

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Interactive Mirror with Various Applications

This device was created to run various applications. It can be controlled using a remote. It would be interesting to note that the operative system of the reflective display makes it possible for the user to get connected to their cloud stored data.

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Implantable Flexible LEDs for Biomedical Apps

The implantable flexible sheets of LEDs and photodetectors were developed by a group of researchers from the United States, China, Korea and Singapore.

Implanted under human skin, these devices allow performing a number of different biomedical applications like activating photo-sensitive drugs.

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1TB Optical Disc from TDK

The 1TB optical disk was officially presented at this year's Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC).

It was developed by an engineer from Nikkei Electronics. The researcher managed to achieve such a capacity by creating 16 recording layers with 32 gigabytes each.

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Surgical Robot Able to Provide Tactile Feedback

The revolutionary surgical machine that provides tactile feedback to the surgeon was developed by Linda van den Bedem from Eindhoven University of Technology.

She named her latest invention Sofie, which is short for Surgeon's Operating Force-feedback Interface Eindhoven. A surgeon will be able to control the robot using joysticks mounted on the control panel and feel everything the robot does.

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Gadget that Turns Devices' Waste Heat Energy into Electricity

This rather interesting and quite useful device was invented by a team of scientists from the Louisiana Tech University.

The lead researcher Dr. Long Que, stated that the team was able to come up with a device that transforms waste heat energy from electronic gadgets into energy that can later be used to refill batteries in these gadgets.

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Advanced Exoskeleton for Paraplegics

The eLEGS exoskeleton from Barkley Bionics was officially presented at a press conference where the company demonstrated its capabilities.

The California-based firm mentioned that its latest device was created for paraplegics that can control the exoskeleton using the onboard computer.

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World's Most Advanced Driving Simulator from Lexus

Toyota's luxury vehicle division Lexus is currently performing tests of new cars using its advanced driving simulator. Engineers at Lexus claim that their new device is so far the most advanced driving simulator in the world.

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