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Top 10 Latest Inventions of September 2010


Raytheon's XOS 2 Exoskeleton

The new generation exoskeleton was developed by Raytheon. It allows the user to lift 200 pounds hundreds of times without getting tire. The robotic suit was developed for the U.S. Army. Read more …

Hair-Washing Machine

Developed by Panasonic, the robot is meant to help caregivers that work in hospitals and health care institutions. It makes use of the company's robot hand technology, featuring 16 fingers used to wash your hair. Read more …

Visually Impaired Assistant (VIA)

Noam Klopper is the author of the invention for the blind. The device is worn on the hand, representing a combination of GPS and walking tick. It includes 4 mini cameras and a GPS receiver that allows the wearer to dodge obstacles. Read more …

Technology that Powers Phones with Sound Waves

Sound energy is the vibrations generated by the sound. Speakers makes use of electricity to generate sound, but Korean scientists managed to create a device that does the opposite. They came up with a technology that turns sound waves into electricity. Read more …

Virtual Garage

Developed by Jaguar Land Rover, the Virtual garage is a GBP2.5 million project that claims to be the most highly developed virtual reality facility among all car manufacturers. The virtual garage technology includes 8 Sony 4K digital camera projectors and 22 Sun Microsystems advanced PCs. Read more …

Perpetual Motion Device that Produces Power from Gravity

A Somerset engineers managed to develop a device that literally breaks the laws of physics, being able to generate more energy that it consumes. Called the Alpha Omega Galaxy Freefall Generator, it produces power from perpetual motion. To create the device, the inventor used mostly bicycle parts. Read more …

Flexible See-Through Solar Cells for Windows

At present Eight19 is working on the creation of an organic solar photovoltaic technology. The latter could later considerably ease the process of installing solar cells, making it cheaper as well. Based on the upper mentioned technology, the new solar panels will be made of a flexible see-through material. Read more …

Tread-Walk to Help the Elderly and Disabled

Being developed for the elderly and disabled, the invention boasts an ease control system that allows a person to dodge obstacles and avoid collisions. The Tread-Walk is able to fulfill the personal mobility needs of these people. Read more …

Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot

Created by Vecna Robotics, the machine is meant to carry injured soldiers out of battlefield. It can also break locked doors and lift heavy cargo. Read more …

Paper-Based Lithium-Ion Batteries

This invention was developed by Stanford researchers. These ultrathin batteries could be used to power electronic newspapers. In addition, researchers will be able to make smart packaging that would assist marketers. Read more …

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