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Total Solar Eclipse Starts August 1st 2008


The phenomenon of total solar eclipse will occur on August 1st, 2008 at 6:09 pm China time on the territory close to the windswept high grasslands located northeast of a small village called Yiwu.

The total solar eclipse is going to be captured by a team of Exploratorium and heliophysics experts from NASA, who will broadcast the event from a specially chosen international location. Anyone will be able to watch the total eclipse: whether from a planetarium, museum of simply from a computer.

On the territory of Russian Federation, the eclipse will take place in Siberia and will have a width of nearly 250 km. It will cross the territory of Western Siberia from north to south. Afterwards the total eclipse will pass through Altai Mountains.

It would be interesting to note that the next total solar eclipse will take place in 2017 over the territory of North America. In 2026 Europe will be the "host" of a total eclipse and four year later Russia will be the territory where a total solar eclipse could be viewed.


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