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Twitter Registers Over 50 Million Updates Each Day


According to Twitter's analytics team, each day the website registers about 50 million updates. According to Kevin Weil, one of the members of the website's analytic team, Twitter became enormously popular in just about three years.

The analyst mentioned that since Twitter was launched in August 2006, the number of updates continuously grew. By 2007 people were tweeting about 5,000 times a day. A year later the figure increased to 300,000 and by 2009 the website had about 2.5 updates each day.

At the beginning of 2010, Twitter registered over 50 million tweets a day. The average update speed is 600 tweets per second.

At the same time this number does not illustrate messages that are marked as spam. It is worth mentioning that the Twitter team does not reveal the total number of users registered on the website.

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