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Villa on the Moon - the Designers Vision


Specialists from Royal Haskoning Architects, being commissioned by Quest, a science magazine, designed an open villa that brings the idea of how it would be possible to live on the moon.

The spherical villa does not have any walls or things that would somehow separate rooms. In such a way the designers wanted to make it easier to move inside the structure.

The exterior of the construction is transparent, offering a cold view of the dark surroundings. The special display designed by architect Dennis Hauer, will not only serve as protection from the boiling heat of the sun, but will also make it possible to control the temperature inside the villa, reports ArchitectenWeb.

It is worth mentioning that designers also thought about making the villa eco-friendly, featuring a system that would transform carbon dioxide emitted by residents into oxygen using a natural cycle.

There are no stairs in the villa, which makes it easier to move, by taking advantage of low gravity on the moon. The villa is connected to an underground bunker that is meant to protect the person from sun storms.

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