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Woman Accused of Cutting Unborn Baby from Mother's Womb


Woman Accused of Cutting Unborn Baby from Mother's WombA woman, who was dubbed "serial womb raider", has been arrested, after she cut a newborn baby from a mother and then claimed that she was the one to give birth to the baby. The name of the woman is Andrea Curry-Demus, she is 38-years old. After the crime she went to a US hospital and said that she had just gave birth to a baby.

The hospital staff noticed that the umbilical cord of the baby was still attached, and that the infant had not yet been cleaned up. Shortly after that, doctors discovered that Curry-Demus was not the baby's mother and later she claimed that she bought the baby from a friend, who received 500 pounds.

Curry-Demus' neighbors noticed a strange smell that came out of the woman's apartment, located in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. It is worth mentioning that the woman already had the history of attempting to steal newborn babies.

After breaking into her apartment, the police found the body of Kia Johnson, who was tied up with a duct tape. There was evidence that she had been drugged. Kia Johnson was discovered with her uterus sliced open. According to authorities, the woman was nearly at full term pregnancy. Authorities also mentioned that Johnson had been partly eviscerated and most of her internal organs were removed.

The country coroner said that police found a placenta at the crime scene. After a short court appearance Andrea Curry-Demus was found guilty of child endangerment and trading newborns. Besides being held on 5,000 pounds, the court stated that the woman must undergo psychiatric tests.

In 1990s, the woman was pleaded guilty of kidnapping a newborn and stabbing a pregnant woman in order to steal her unborn baby. According to the court records, Curry-Demus had a miscarriage when she was 12 and in 1990, being aged 21, she got married for a second time.

The current incident resembles another crime that occurred last month when a woman had her baby stolen by Sisouvanh Synhavong, after the two got acknowledged on a bus. The 23-year old Synhavong kidnapped the pregnant Araceli Gomez, 27. Afterwards the woman was tied up and gagged, before Synhavong sliced open Gomez's womb to steal the baby.

If convicted, the woman will face death penalty, being accused of first degree murder.

Source: Daily Mail

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