Technology (09 Mar, 2007)
IBM and Cisco: Attempt to Unite the Communication Software Developers
New platform from Cisco and IBM should unify communication and collaboration software developers under one single platform. A lack of such platform has slowed down the development of unified communication, but with this system the developers will be able to create mini applications for easier remote access and other plug-ins. ...
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Offbeat (31 Mar, 2007)
A Man in Dubai Charged $170,000 Debt for Mobile Communication
Two citizens of Dubai have talked themselves into an astonishingly large sum of money for mobile communication services. A $225,000 phone bill is too much, even for the United Arab Emirates. ...
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Technology (26 Mar, 2010)
Robovie MR2 - Smart Desktop Communication Robot
The Japanese researchers from the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute are the one who developed the Robovie MR2. ...
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Offbeat (05 Mar, 2012)
Tokyo Sky Tree - World's Highest Communication Tower
Finally the erection of the world's tallest communication tower has been completed in Japan. The Tokyo Sky Tree is also the second-highest structure in the world. ...
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Technology (19 Mar, 2012)
Latest Invention: PYGMY - Robot Rings that Take Communication Between Human and Robot to a New Level
The PYGMY project involves robot rings that cam express emotion and deliver an improved interaction between human and robot by engaging a small display solenoid connected to the ring. Besides, using the device is also a lot of fun. ...
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Technology (04 Jun, 2012)
Latest Invention: 3D Live Communication System Brings Users Together in Virtual World
Specialists at NTT Docomo are now working on a 3D Live Communication System, the prototype of which it has currently unveiled. ...
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Technology (03 Mar, 2007)
Only 13 % People Have Internet Access
Only 13 percent of people on the planet have access to the Internet. This statement was made by the United Nations News Center. The majority of Internet users (90 %) live in industrialized countries. The gap in the field of information technology between the developed countries and those that are in development, is continuously increasing. ...
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Offbeat (25 Mar, 2007)
Google's List of Class-Action Lawsuits
A list of lawsuits with different charges, where Google participated either as a defendant (in most of the cases) or as a plaintiff. It seems like when people are in financial trouble, they try to sue Google. ...
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Offbeat (03 Apr, 2007)
Russia's Internet Award Was Given Away
Russian's have their own way of celebrating the best web resources on the Russian Internet. They have an award, called "The ROTOR", which is given way every year to a series of best sites. ...
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Politics (11 Apr, 2007)
Red Cross donations were a fraud?
Non-profit organization blame cell phone companies in masquerading a business plan for making money into a charity campaign. ...
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Technology (08 Oct, 2010)
Wrist-Mountable Flexible OLED Screen Developed for the U.S. Army
The Universal Display Corporation said that it managed to create a 4.3-inch, 320 x 240 OLED screen and deliver several devices to the US Army where specialists will carry out military evaluation testing. ...
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Offbeat (02 May, 2007)
New Hollywood Movie Makes Japanese Feel Sick

Japanese national newspapers warn people that watching a new Hollywood drama can make its viewers feel sick. The warnings are published on request of Gaga Communications, the movie's Japanese distributor.

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Technology (24 Sep, 2010)
Neff Interactive - Touscreen Visualizer that Functions Like Multi-User iPhone
The Neff Interactive represents a huge touch control visualizer that offers access to important information and provides a wide range of functions. ...
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Environment (20 Sep, 2010)
SolarEagle - Boeing's Solar Powered Aircraft that Can Stay Aloft for 5 Years
Boeing managed to sign a USD89 million contract with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to create an unmanned airplane that can stay aloft for 5 years. ...
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Technology (30 May, 2007)
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 - Gran Paradiso Alpha 5: out in June
Developers Mozilla will release another, fifth, alpha-version of their next generation internet browser - Firefox 3.0, or Gran Paradiso. Representatives from Mozilla share plans for the future and speak about the new functions and abilities of their browser. ...
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