A computer specialist from Helsinki invented an unusual advertising campaign, having added it on Google's Adword. 409 people clicked the ad offering to have their computer infected. In fact, the specialist wanted to check the efficiency of advertising system.

Why would people want to get a computervirus? Curiosity, stupidity or something else? Most probably some developers need viruses to check the reliability of the programs they developed.

Technology (20 Jul, 2007)
PandaLabs' List of Unusual Malicious Software
PandaLabs published a list of most unusual malicious software of the year 2007. These little programs do their thing while distracting the user. ...
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Technology (01 Nov, 2007)
Most Spam comes from the USA, says SophosLabs
According to experts from the web-security company SophosLabs, most spam origins in the USA, whereas the North American continent leads the continents' list of spam origin. ...
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Offbeat (05 Oct, 2009)
Top 10 Best Ways to Download a Virus
One of our old news has been flooded with comments demanding sending the strongest virus to a person's email. We here at decided to help these people. Here are the 10 best tips on how to easily download a virus on your computer. ...
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