Current events in southwest asia

Politics (14 Mar, 2007)
Only Diplomatic Means Are Allowed to Solve the Iranian Nuclear Issue
After a meeting, which has taken place in a small Italian town, Bari, two heads of two major political forces in the world - Italy and Russia - have expressed their views and opinions about the international political situation ...
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Technology (01 May, 2007)
Overcoming the Culture Shock with a Mobile Phone Game
A game technology expert at the University of Portsmouth developed a game which is to help overseas students overcome the culture-shock they will encounter within the campus of a certain university. ...
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Current Events (03 May, 2007)
Timeline of the events in Tallinn, Estonia
A brief chronology of latest events in Tallinn, Estonia, caused by the decision of Estonian authorities to disassemble a Soviet Soldier monument of the WWII era. ...
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Technology (06 Aug, 2010)
Chinese Researchers Working on Maglev Train Able to Reach 1000kph
Chinese researchers from the laboratory at Southwest Jiaotong University are currently working on a vacuum maglev train that will be able to reach a top speed of 1,000kph, with the average speed being 500 to 600 kilometers per hour. ...
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Health & Fitness (10 Aug, 2007)
World's First Center to Treat Nail Biting Habit
The world's first center for treating compulsive nail biters will open in September in Venlo, Netherlands. ...
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Environment (10 Feb, 2010)
Sydney's Ugliest Building to Become an Eco-friendly Tower
The ugliest structure in Sydney could soon turn into one of the most remarkable sights in the city if designers from the architecture company Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) turn their idea into reality. ...
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Press-releases (19 Dec, 2007)
Find out what the Ethical Sourcing Forum is and what it is all about. Read the description, the goals and find out who the previous speakers and attendees were. ...
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Technology (12 Nov, 2009)
First Worm Attack on Apple iPhone
Australia registered the world's first worm that infects the Apple iPhone. The worm changes the wallpaper of the iPhone to an image of Rick Astley, a pop singer of the 1980s. ...
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Science (30 Jul, 2008)
NASA Presents New Website With Historical Image and Video Gallery
Last week NASA presented a new interactive website, which was created in collaboration with the non-profit organization Internet Archive. ...
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Technology (27 Oct, 2009)
Amazing Solar-powered LED Media Wall of the Taipei Pop Music Center
This incredible design, created for the Taipei Pop Music Center, was developed by Nabito Architects. The design features a photovoltaic facade along with a wall covered with LED panels. ...
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Current Events (08 Aug, 2008)
2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing Officially Opened
Billions of people watched the spectacular opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. ...
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Politics (11 Aug, 2008)
Georgia Crisis: Genocide or War for Integrity?
Russia still faces strong pressure from the United States and EU for entering into the Georgia-South Ossetia conflict. US vice-president Dick Cheney told Mikheil Saakashvili that Russia's aggression must not go unanswered. Though Georgia announced cease fire in South Ossetia, Russian peacekeepers in the region stated that the promise was not kept. ...
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Science (11 Sep, 2008)
Women Have Scarier Nightmares Than Men
A recent study discovered that women have scarier nightmares than men. Scientists also found that women's dreams are more intense. When a woman wakes up she has a greater impression about her dream. ...
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Offbeat (29 Sep, 2008)
Secret Service Uses Facebook to Recruit New Generation Agents
Recently it was revealed that the popular social networking website Facebook serves as one of the sources for recruiting MI6 agents. The step of SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) to start advertising on Facebook is part of the external intelligence agency's campaign to recruit new agents from different backgrounds. ...
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Technology (24 Nov, 2008)
Facebook Presented Video Showing Global Interactions of Its Users
Facebook launched a video that illustrates how the web has integrated global communications into everyday life. ...
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