You are probably aware that a person's DNA provides a great amount of useful information to scientists, including the origins of all human beings. The National Geographic Society joined efforts with IBM and started a new exciting global project. The project is aimed at collecting a database based on thousands of DNA tests. The project is to attract 10,000 inhabitants. Best specialists in the field of geography and genetic medicine will settle and work in 10 regions of the world to research on the human ancestry.
Science (06 Mar, 2007)
DNA research approaches the origins of human beings
Enthusiasts of genografic project unite to collect the DNA database all over the world so to make every person aware of the place where his or her ancestors come from. ...
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Science (17 May, 2010)
Latest Invention: Robotic Nano-Spiders Made of DNA Molecules
A group of scientists from Columbia University managed to invent extremely small spider robots measuring about 4 nanometers across. ...
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Science (13 May, 2010)
Personalized DNA Test Kits to Hit the Stores Soon
Recently the biotech company Pathway Genomics announced that it will soon start selling personalized DNA tests. These tests will help people identify various diseases. ...
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Science (18 Mar, 2010)
Latest Invention: DNA Suit - Powerful Weapon Against Counterfeiting
A company based in Slaithwaite, a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire, England, came up with, what it claims to be the world's first DNA suit. ...
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Science (21 May, 2008)
Scientific Breakthrough: Extinct Animal DNA Revived in a Live Animal
For the first time DNA from the extinct Tasmanian tiger was brought to life in another living organism by Australian scientists ...
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Science (13 Aug, 2008)
The Secret of Women with Male DNA
The secret lying within the body of Eden Atwood seemed to be really terrible. Some considered that it would have been better for her not to find out about her condition. ...
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Health & Fitness (20 Oct, 2008)
Heavy Use of Cell Phones Leads to Sperm DNA Damage
According to Australian scientists, men who have long talks over the cell phone lower their chances of becoming a biological father. ...
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Health & Fitness (17 Jun, 2009)
Cannabis Smoke Damages DNA
Researchers at University of Leicester claim they managed to find convincing proof that cannabis smoke causes damaged to human DNA, increasing the risk of developing cancer. ...
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Science (24 Jul, 2009)
Latest Invention: LED Light Bulbs that Makes Use of Salmon DNA
Researchers from the University of Connecticut recently unveiled their latest invention, which is a long-lasting LED light bulb that makes use of salmon DNA. ...
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Offbeat (21 May, 2012)
Artist Makes Photographic Portraits Using People's DNA Traces
The works of Michael Mapes represent portraits that the author himself calls Specimens. They are made from actual DNA and other debris produced by people. ...
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Science (03 Apr, 2007)
Invisibility is now one step closer

Using the nanotechnology scientists were able to make a significant step towards inventing an "optical cloaking", which represents a device able to make objects invisible. The device guides light around anything that is placed withing the so-called "cloak".

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Science (24 Apr, 2007)
Worms and Humans Are One Family
Research proved that the worms and humans have the same origins, at lest their nervous systems do. While it was a fact that they have some common ancestors, yet now it was proved their nervous systems are forming in about the same way. ...
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Science (03 Nov, 2010)
Genetically Enhanced Astronauts Could Boost Manned Space Exploration Program
J. Craig Venter assumes that NASA's manned spaceflight program could register a significant boost in case the agency starts recruiting genetically enhanced astronauts. ...
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Environment (19 Oct, 2010)
Windstalk - Another Way of Harnessing Wind Power
Windstalk is a revolutionary concept designed by Atelier DNA, a design company based in New York. ...
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Current Events (03 May, 2007)
Timeline of the events in Tallinn, Estonia
A brief chronology of latest events in Tallinn, Estonia, caused by the decision of Estonian authorities to disassemble a Soviet Soldier monument of the WWII era. ...
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