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30-Story Wooden Skyscraper to Be Built in Canada


Architects from Canada decided to work on a project that involves erective a 30-story wooden building. The wooden skyscraper is planned to be constructed in Vancouver.

First of all it is worth mentioning that the reason why skyscrapers so far were not built entirely from wood is because it is an easy-to-burn material and secondly because such structure will not have the required level of strength to be able to support itself.

But it seems that the architects have taken everything into consideration. They plan to use laminated timber to make the building strong and lightweight at the same time. In addition, it would be interesting to note that wood actually shows good resistance to fire: the chars on the outside of the house keep the general integrity of the building.

Besides, wood is an eco-friendly material and the same cannot be said about concrete. To produce 10kg of concrete, around 9kg of CO2 is generated. Another powerful argument for wood would be the fact that buildings made out of it are cheaper than those made of concrete and metal.

[via CNN]

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