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A Series of Spiraling Skyscrapers Designed for the Futuristic London


A series of spiraling skyscrapers has been designed by design team Chimera. The model of a spiraling skyscraper was inspired from the complex ecosystems formed by the mangrove tree.

The city of spiraling skyscrapers is called Mangal City and the main idea is to show the possible architectural future of London. Mangal City represents an urban ecological system. It is made of modular pod capsules that move according to environmental circumstances, informs SuckerPunchDaily.

The Mangal City makes use of biomimetic principles that were borrowed from different sources. As it was mentioned, the mangrove trees served as the source of inspiration for the structure of the building. It would be interesting to note that the mangrove tree grows in saline coastal habitats that can be found in the tropics and subtropics.

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