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Airbia - Eco-friendly Suburban Airships


Airbia is an amazing airship designed by Alexandros Tsolakis and Irene Shamma. It is possible that such eco-friendly airships will replace in the near future today's air-polluting means of transport.

Airbia infrastructure system will make it possible for people to travel from suburban areas to urban city centers fast and easy. The airships use helium and with overhead loading platforms the system will require a rather small amount of infrastructure. It is worth mentioning that each airship will have the possibility to carry up to 400 people and the average speed of travel will reach 93 miles an hour (150km/h). Airbia airships will fly at heights that will range between 30 and 500 meters above the ground.

According to Tsolakis and Shamma, their system could replace vehicles and trains as a mean of transportation that helps people get from suburbs to city centers. Airbia represents one of 20 amazing finalists in ReBurbia contest to redesign the suburbs.

You can find more information at Re-Burbia.com .

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