Tuesday, 19 May, 2009 Environment

Algae-Powered Chiron Concept to Reduce Environmental Damage


Although vehicles play an important role in economy, they are also one of the main problems of climate change, causing environmental pollution. In order to boost the economic efficiency, governments have to pay a high price.

This incredible concept is called Chiron and was developed as a means of transportation that significantly lowers the ecological impact. Chiron represents a combination of the flexibility of road vehicles and ecological suitability of the railway. Its design is credited to Benjamin Cselley, Jupin Ghanbari, Jessica Covi, and Erol Kursani.

The most impressive thing about this design is that the vehicle runs on the newest 21st century engine, which uses an algae-powered fuel cell. Thus Chiron will not only increase business efficiency, but will minimize the fuel cost as well.

In addition, this futuristic concept features satellite system that allows navigating the auxiliary dimension of railroad.

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