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ALICE - the Eco-Friendly Supercomputer


Researchers from the University of Leicester have upgraded their supercomputer, dubbed ALICE (Advanced Leicester Information and Computational Environment), making it eco-friendlier.

To be able to make the necessary upgrades, the University had to spend about $3.3 million. It is worth mentioning that ALICE is the masterpiece of Hewlett Packard and is an ideal instrument for research and development projects that are being carried out at the University.

It was said that the supercomputer has the power of a thousands of desktop computers. ALICE boasts a technology called Ecofris, which uses an advanced water-cooling system.

According to the representative of the University, the supercomputer reduces carbon emissions by 800 tons compared to the supercomputer used before ALICE.

The system is composed of "256 computer nodes, two login nodes, two management nodes, and a high performance parallel file system with a 100TB capacity."

It would be interesting to note that the components are linked by a high-speed network, with each node having a "pair of quad-core 2.67GHz Intel Xeon X5550 CPUs and 12GB of RAM."

This supercomputer includes a total of 2048 CPU cores that run 64-bit Scientific Linux 5.4, reports ScientificComputing.

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