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Architects Propose Creating Floating Island from Plastic Waste the Litters the Oceans


After the billionaire adventurer and environmentalist David de Rothschild informed about his plans to sail to a trash mass on a boat that he constructed using recycled waste and webs of plastic, a lot of people focused their attention on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a huge territory covered by nothing but trash lying hundreds of miles northwest of Hawaii.

Since David de Rothschild launched his Plastiki, a team of architects from Rotterdam decided to make a Hawaii-sized island that is entirely built from recycled plastic.

According to the architects from Rotterdam WHIM Architecture, the Recycled Island represents a project that aims at creating a habitable floating island located in the Pacific Ocean and made completely from plastic waste.

The project has three central goals:

  • 1. To clean oceans from the huge amount of plastic waste;
  • 2. To make a brand new land;
  • 3. To build a sustainable habitat.

The project involves recycling the waste on the spot and making a new floating unit. The architectures state that the largest concentration of plastic in the ocean has the same footprint as France and Spain together, which means that there is quite enough plastic waste to create a new floating island.

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