Wednesday, 05 Jan, 2011 Environment

Arctic Spy Cameras Crushed by Polar Bears


Developed to resist extremely cold temperatures (as low as -40 degrees Celsius), the Iceberg Cam, Snowball Cam, Blizzard Cam and Drift Cam were used by photographers to spy on polar bears.

However, the plan was ruined after these cams decided to "make friends" with the polar bears.

It is worth mentioning that all these cameras were part of a BBC documentary called Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice.

The cams were designed to be as unnoticeable as possible to get closer to polar bears, but that didn't work since all of them were crushed during a summer in the Arctic islands of Svalbard, after the animals became very curious.

Watch the videos below to see the meeting of cameras with the polar bears.

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