Monday, 03 May, 2010 Environment

ARKKI - Eco-Friendly Vessel that Harnesses Solar Energy


The conceptual boat designed by Janne Leppanen is not just a solution to the crisis that may occur as a result of global warming, it is meant to make people aware of the issues that we could face if climate change will not be tackled.

The solar-powered vessel is called ARKKI and it includes a big open space with its surface similar to that of an indoor basketball court. The whole surface of ARKKI is covered with multilayer photovoltaic cells, which generate enough solar energy to power the vessel.

ARKKI boasts a concrete hull covered with plastic fibers, which make the vessel more stable and quite rigid to be able to resist the harsh conditions of the weather during winter. The designer decided to make the other parts of the vessel from natural fiber composite materials. More images are available here.

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