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Artist Turns Wind Turbine Into World's Biggest Christmas Star


The most important feature of a Christmas tree is the star and here we have the largest star in the world developed by Siemens in collaboration with Michael Pendry, an artist from Munich. The star is composed of 9,000 LED lights that create a magic atmosphere by spinning and illuminating during the night.

It is worth mentioning that the amount of energy it uses is equal to that of a hairdryer. For 12 months Siemens has been working on the revolving star, which today can be observed in Munich. The environmentally-friendly illumination of the Christmas Star is equal to the lighting of 20,000 candles.

The German artist asked Siemens and the Stadtwerke Munchen (Munich City Utilities) to allow him to mount his creation on wind turbines. Now, each blade of the wind turbine, measuring 30 meters, is enriched with 3,000 LED lights.

The Christmas Star will shine above Munich until January 6, the Day of Ephiphany. Visitors and local citizens can observe the star between 4:30 p.m. and 0:00 and between 4:53 a.m. ad 8 a.m.

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Splended, smart idea

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