Thursday, 11 Nov, 2010 Environment

Artists Use Plastic Trash to Make Works of Art


Last month the Lumenhouse in Brooklyn, New York, opened its doors for everyone willing to visit the Convergence Exhibition that focuses on the beauty hidden within plastic trash.

Different artists presented their works at the exhibition. One of the most inspiring works is called Indra's Cloud whose author is Anne Percoco. The piece is made of hundreds of plastic containers that are connected in a way to look like a cloud.

"There was a yoga group staying in the same guesthouse as me, in Vrindavan, India. Over the course of a month, they used all these bottles and they piled up in the hallways. I just collected them," Percoco told Art Threat.

Among other works there's Pink Project Table, made of a series of plastic products, and Catchment, a sculpture created using found plastic shapes, reports Inhabitat.

It is worth mentioning that the idea to open such as exhibition came to curator Mariko Tanaka as a result of her collaboration with Project Vortex.

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