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Automated Robots Could Help Clean Oil Spill


The catastrophic outcome from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is much larger than previously thought, which means that cleaning the spill become an even harder task.

To get rid of the mess Global Response Group came up with an idea to create automated robots that will be able to clean the oil spill.

The machines will be part of Airborne Robotic Oil Spill Recovery System (AEROS), and will be able to clean oil spills in a matter of days.

It is worth mentioning that AEROS represents a fleet of airplane-deployed robots that will make use of centrifuge-like oil and water separators to gather oil that will eventually be refined.

Here's how it works: the airplanes drop the robots near the oil spill area where, being guided by a GPS, gather the oily water. Afterwards the collected substance is refined and 99 percent of clean water is dispensed out, reports PopSci.

The oil that is collected during the process is gathered in the bladders that can later be recycled. The company believes that each of its machines will be able to clean up to 3000 gallons of oil per minute.

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