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Banana Peel Found to Be Very Effective in Purifying Water


An interesting discovery has been recently made by a group of researchers from Brazil's Instituto de Biociencias de Botucatu at the Universidade Estadual Paulista led by Gustavo Castro. According to their report published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research journal, minced banana peel can be used as a water purification material. In fact it considerably outperforms many other materials used to clean water.

Researchers discovered that waste from industrial, mining and agricultural activities can have a serious negative impact on the condition of waterways. Components like lead and copper negatively influence health and the environment and ways of removing them can be rather costly and even destructive in the long run.

This is why a lot of scientist attempted to discovered a chemical-free solution that could solve the problem. It is worth mentioning that previously researchers used coconut fiber and peanut shells to purify water, removing toxins from it.

The latest discovery shows that minced banana peel has the potential of removing lead and copper from waterways quickly and effectively.

The test that the research group carried out showed that a banana skin water treatment apparatus can be used to purify water up to 11 times. In addition, such method is not only natural, but also very cost-friendly. More information on the research can be found here.

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