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Biggest Tidal Energy Project to Be Launched in France in 2012


In 2012 we could witness the accomplishment of the world's greatest tidal power project. OpenHydro, a firm with headquarters in Ireland and EDF, a utility firm from France, decided to sponsor the construction of the four massive 850-ton turbines off the coast of France, in a place located near Paimpol-Bréhat in Brittany.

Once the project is finished, the four giant turbines will be able to harness tidal waves and generate enough electricity to power as much as 4,000 homes in the area. It is expected to become the largest tidal power array on the planet.

The Irish company is providing the four 2-megawatt turbines, 115 deep off the coast of Paimpol-Bréhat. Each turbine has a diameter of 72 feet and is anchored along the seabed, reports CleanTechnica.

It would be interesting to note that the biggest advantage of tidal turbine farms is that, apart from wind and solar plants, they work sight unseen, and due to the fact that they are located far from the coats, these turbines do noise provide noise pollution.

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