Wednesday, 22 Jul, 2009 Environment

Blue Crystal - Sustainable Ice Lodge in the Hot Dubai


Dubai decided for the first time to create the year-round ice lodge, called Blue Crystal. The construction claims to be sustainable, though it is hard to believe that a 6 story ice lodge with luxury apartments could be energy-saving, first of all because keeping such building under 32 degrees in the hot summers of the Persian Gulf would require a lot of energy.

Once again Dubai attempts to show that nothing is impossible in the world of architecture. The luxury entertainment in the lodge will include an underwater lounge and ballroom. The design of this absolutely incredible project is credited to Frank and Sven Sauer, a design studio from Germany.

The designers say that the Blue Crystal will take advantage of the natural energy sources, which would make the lodge self-sufficient. Most likely solar cells will generate power for the building, being fixed in the icy facade and making use of an energy recycling system. But at the moment it is yet not completely clear how much energy will the iceberg in the middle of the desert require.

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