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Boston Archology - A Self-sustainable Floating Structure


This city is called the Boston Archology (BOA) and its design is credited to E.Kevin Schopfer, AIA, RIBA. The structure is meant to provide secure and dry living space that would have enough living space for about 15,000 people.

But the most important fact about this floating structure is that it will help people when climate change will make ocean levels rise, which would erase a lot cities from the map. Inside there will be hotels, offices, museums, a city hall and more.

Every 30 floors there will be sky gardens that will offer sunlight units and provide a feeling of neighborhood presence. At the same time the gardens will serve as a symbol of the structure's eco-friendliness.

BOA is a self-sustainable structure, featuring secured wind turbines, harbor based water turbines and a large number of different environmental-friendly systems including: clean water recovery, passive glazing, sky garden heating/cooling, gray water treatment installations and photovoltaic systems.

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