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Bridge Harnesses Wind Energy from Passing Cars


The design of this interesting concept was developed by Tiago Barros and Jorge Pereira. The two thought about creating a bridge that would exploit wind energy, which will be amplified by the vehicles that would pass under it.

The length of the Cross-Wind Bridge is 40 meters. It has a system of 2188 built-in rotating panels that rotate as the wind blows to produce electricity. The latter is powers the lighting on the bridge in the evening.

It is expected that the vehicles passing under the bridge will boost the speed of the wind by 20 percent, thus increasing the rotation speed of the panels.

Both pedestrians and bikers will be able to use the bridge. It would be worth noting that 35 percent of the punctured casing that forms the bridge cladding is created from recycled steel that is taken from auto industry. More images are available here.

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so green, so green :-)

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