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Businessman Invents Box that Produces Water from Air


Pieter Hoff, an entrepreneur from the Netherlands, came up with a device that produces water from thin air, with the water then being used to grow plants.

He called his latest invention Groasis Waterboxx. The device can produce water even in extremely dry places on the planet. It is worth mentioning that the inventor was inspired by bird poop - the Groasis Waterboxx is built based on the way excrement preserves seeds that were digested by the birds, offering enough humidity and protection from the elements so they can develop.

The box measures 20 inch by 10 inch and it surrounds a young plant. An insulation plate produces water at night through condensation. Groasis Waterboxx brings enough water to the plant so the latter is able to access deeper water reserves underground, reports Discovery. Afterwards the box is lifted up and can be used to help another plant grow.

Hoff carried out a number of tests of his latest invention in Sahara. About 90 percent of trees planted using his invention managed to survive after the box was taken away.

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