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By 2015 We Could Have a 1,000 Times Eco-friendlier Internet


Bell Labs, the research branch of Alcatel-Lucent, a telecom company, has recently launched a global effort to make the Internet 1,000 times greener in just 5 years.

Currently the company is discussing the plan with 15 other representatives from the IT industry, academia, science laboratories and NGOs. The list of members that are interested in the project includes: AT&T, China Mobile, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, and MIT's Research Laboratory for Electronics. The consortium has already received a name - Green Touch.

It is worth mentioning that these companies emit about 300 million tons of greenhouse gases - the amount equivalent to gas pollution of 50 million vehicles. According to Bell Labs, by 2015 the consortium will try to register daily greenhouse gas emissions a few times less than the yearly amount registered today.

The company has already given an open invitation to everyone interested in the project. It also stated that the system for making the Internet green is unique. Each individual entity is going to have an open system of intellectual property rights that aims at helping to facilitate technology transfer on the international level. For more information on the subject click here.

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