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California Roll - Building that Adapts According to the Environment


California Roll is a project developed by designer Christopher Daniel. It is, in fact, a prefabricated house that is able to change its shape and adapt according to the environment it is located in.

The building can be a perfect choice for a desert environment. It includes a homogeneous exterior that mirrors the heat of the sun.

Shaped to resemble a snail, the house has a carbon fiber truss frame. It also boasts a hydraulic powered automatic door that can open into 2 sections, with the upper one opening overhead and the lower section open out onto the floor which grants an easy access to the building.

The door interflows with the exterior of the house, continuing the smooth lines of the structure.

The inhabitant can control the skylights and glass windows electronically, being able to alter the transparency and thus manage the amount of heat and sunlight that hits them.

At the moment the roll house is just a design, but it is possible that in the near future it could become reality.

[via Violent Volumes]

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