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Charging Electric Cars in a Solar Forest


With the number of electric vehicles increasing, as a result of the fact that more people are becoming aware about the environmental issues, new ideas are generated by different talented designers who look forward to supply electric cars with clean energy.

One of such designers is Neville Mars who came up with the idea of designing a striking EV charging station which resembles an evergreen open space of solar trees. You can find more inventions that harness solar energy here at www.InfoNIAC.com - check the links at the bottom of the story.

The photovoltaic forest has two functions: first of all solar tree harness solar energy to charge electric vehicles and secondly the shades of solar trees cover vehicles from the hot sun while they charge, reports EcoFriend.

Every solar tree features a set of photovoltaic leaves installed on poles and the base of each tree carries a power outlet. Thus whenever a person parks a car under a solar tree they can instantly connect the vehicle to the socket to charge the car. This is a truly inspiring idea to use a forest-like parking lot that exploits renewable energy.

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