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Children's Paintings to Signal About Climate Change


This October in New York, United Nations will start a campaign called "UNite to Combat Climate Change," which will feature an auction and exhibit paintings created by children.

The event entitled "Paint for the Planet" will include several stand-out works from Children's Painting Competitions, which is part of the United Nations Environment Program. Pictures drawn by children will include their fears and hopes for Earth. Images will serve as an appeal for leadership on climate change before it is too late, reports Global Action Plan.

The exhibit, which will open in New York at the headquarters of United Nations today, will present the original artwork picked from a collection of about 200,000 images, created by children.

Selected paintings will be auctioned on October 25 with the goal of raising funds to help children who suffered from disasters, such as storms and hurricanes that recently occurred in the Caribbean due to climate change. Everyone is welcomed to the free exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the artwork will also be available online, so people from other countries could participate as well.

Natural World Museum is the curatorial partner of the event. It exhibits artwork through original programs in order to raise environment awareness and inspire people to take action.

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