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China Builds Largest Solar-Powered Office Structure in the World


A huge 75,000-square meter building constructed in Dezhou in the Shangdong Province, China, claims to be the largest solar-powered structure in the world. Having the shape of a fan, the building includes spaces for exhibition centers, scientific studies, meetings and trainings. In addition, the structure has a hotel. Everything inside the building harnesses solar power.

The designer of the building was inspired by the sun dial. The new building brings a message saying that it is important to search for renewable resources today.

Besides featuring solar panels for harnessing solar energy, the construction also boasts a number of other advantages like the new roof and wall insulation technology which allows saving up to 30 percent of energy, reports China.org.cn. The external part of the construction makes use of about 1 percent of the amount of steel that was used to build the famous Olympic Stadium, Bird's Nest. It is expected that the new solar-powered construction will house the 4th World Solar City Congress.

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