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China to Boast World's Greenest Structure


This futuristic construction is called the Wuhan Energy Flower, and it is expected to be built in Wuhan, China. The structure, which is expected to be a research institute, was designed by Grontmij and Soeters Van Eldonk Architects.

It is worth mentioning that the flower-shaped Wuhan Energy Center will focus on new sources of renewable energy. In addition, the structure is going to be the world's first building to receive BREEAM accreditation.

The beginning of the construction is scheduled this November. The building will have zero carbon emissions. It also targets a zero energy status.

The Wuhan Energy Flower will be 140 meters tall and the labs surrounding it will take the form of leaves, informs EcoFriend. Its roof will be covered by solar panels. The building will also collect rainwater, which will be used inside the building.

Green energy will also be harnessed using vertical axis wind turbines. The building will make use of natural ventilation. Read more on BREEAM here.

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//2 Jul 13, 2010 09:23 AM | posted by: juliarachel [InfoKID]
by knowing theis that the china is going to construct ecofrindly wuhan energy flower with zero emission carbon.hats off to wuhan and their building theis wuhan energy flower,the solar panels are well equipped as shown in the model.
another method is also that the wuhan energy flower building can be used to give electricity to nearby substation like the electricity substation and also in the metro station which will help also in the saving of the electricity and the less consuption.
thanks to the architect for builiding such a ecofriendly structure which help to save our enviorment from getting destroyed.
47 votes

//1 Jul 01, 2010 09:48 AM | posted by: Fayaz Ahmad Khan
Nice Job keep it up!

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