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China to Create World's Biggest Eco-Park Called Solar Valley


Solar Valley is another huge project currently in development in China. Engineers are building what they say is "The Biggest Solar Energy Production Base in the Whole World." The final result will be a base that uses clean technology. The base is expected to surpass the Silicon Valley in California.

It would be interesting to note that the construction of such an eco-park was proposed by Himin Solar Energy, a company with the main office in the Sun-Moon Mansion, the biggest solar powered office structure on the planet so far.

The Solar Valley will be located outside of Dezhou, China and is expected to cost around $740 million, being able to accommodate 100 residents, reports Washington Post.

The idea managed to attract about 100 companies that look forward to make the base a clean energy epicenter that will push further China's research and development in the field of green power technology.

In the new eco-friendly city, all constructions will feature solar water heaters. Last year Himin Solar Energy spent $10 million on solar lighting installed along miles of road. Unfortunately, in order to make the whole eco-park, authorities have to relocate farmers into block apartments in the city.

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