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Climate Dress Informs About Greenhouse Gas in the Air


Diffus, a design company from Denmark, has recently presented its Climate Dress that features hundreds of LEDs. Using carbon dioxide detector, each LED on the dress reacts to carbon dioxide in the air.

The new dress is powered by an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor. To be able to convey the data to hand-stitched lights, the dress makes use of conductive embroidery.

The technology makes some LEDs register slow pulses while other show rapid flashes, depending on the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

It is worth mentioning that the Climate Dress was for the first time presented at the Bright Green Expo that took place in Copenhagen.

The goal of the dress is quite obvious - to make people aware about the environmental problems.

Michel Guglielmi and Hanne Louise Johannesen of Diffus say: "Different light patterns are staged as dramatic 'micro events' embedded into clothes."

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