Monday, 22 Jun, 2009 Environment

Clock Counts the Amount of CO2 Emitted Each Second into the Atmosphere


In order to make the public aware of how much greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere each second, Deutsche Bank decided to install a seven-story sign, which can be found outside Madison Square Garden, in the heart of the Big Apple. The sign shows the tons of CO2 that emitted into the atmosphere.

The sign was developed by researchers at MIT and currently the screen shows that the amount of CO2 in earth's atmosphere reached 3.64 trillion tons, which is the highest level in 800,000 years.

The clock shows continuously increasing numbers that represent that amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere at the speed of 800 tons per second. The goal of Deutsche Bank is quite clear. Its officials stated that the sign was created to alarm about the global warming and its impact on the planet and the importance of reducing CO2 emissions.

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