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US Court Stands For Environment, against Bush's Military Protection


US federal appeals court required to bar the sonar training of US Navy in California to protect the whales and other marine mammals in spite of the attempts of the White House to exempt the US Navy from laws.

The Navy has to file an appeal in a month during which period it should agree with a number of precautions to reduce harm to marine life.

US Navy's use of submarine-hunting mid-frequency radar was claimed by US District Court dangerous for whales, dolphins and other mammals.

But George W. Bush stood up for the Navy explaining that trainings are a part of national security program, exempting the Navy from the laws protecting the environment. The argument of the US president was rejected by judge and the ruling was upheld by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Joel Reynolds, director of the Natural Resources Defence Council's marine mammal protection project explained that the Navy should be responsible when using high intensity sonar during training and protect environment.

Several environmental groups have already reported about numerous whales stranding and deaths that are thought to be linked to the use of sonar blasts.

The latest court ruling will be followed by confrontations between environmental groups and the military in other US states.

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