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Concept of the Day: Horizon - Device that Produces Power By Harnessing Solar and Wind Energy


Loseva Larisa and Emtsov Sergey are two Russian designers who visualized the wind-solar power generator and Ivan Romanov is the person who actually designed the device and called it Horizon.

This concept makes use of the Magnus effect (a phenomenon in which a spinning object placed in a fluid produces a whirlpool of fluid around itself).

The cylindrical generator has a streamlined form. By using the Magnus effect and wind speed, the device boasts an effective production of electricity.

It is worth mentioning that the device is composed of two main parts - wind generator and solar generator. The former is made of a shell filled with helium and is linked to 2 symmetrically placed induction motors that produce power by the rotating movement.

Around the cylinder the designers placed circular strips of solar panels, each being 4.2m in diameter. These strips make up the solar generator part.

By using the hollowness and helium, the device can float in the air and take advantage of the Magnus effect, thus harnessing wind power.

The designers believe that the advantages of their project are stability, high efficiency, quietness, mobility and eco-friendliness. The total power that the 20-kilogram Horizon can produce is 4.7KW.

[via DesignBoom]

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