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Divorces Cause Global Warming, Study Says


Environmentalists warn that increasing number of divorces causes global warming and people should think twice before making a decision that has a crucial impact on our environment.

As experts from Michigan State University explain, the use of natural resources becomes less efficient if woman moves out to a new place after divorce. As a result, more land of housing is needed with increased expenditure on utilities.

Jianguo Liu, lead author of the study said that there are fewer people in the divorced households and the resource efficiency used per person is much lower than in married households. The study included data of 12 countries with 3,283 households from the United States, Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya, Mexico, Spain and other countries.

It was revealed that households of divorced couples resulted in 61 percent increase of number of rooms per person, 46 percent increase of expenditures on electricity and 56 percent increase of consumption of water in comparison to households of married couples. This also contributes to more waste.

However, if you are concerned about your impact on the environment there is hope. When those people remarry (or cohabit), the environmental tally sheet corrects itself, Liu said.

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