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Dogs and Cats Pollute More Than Vehicles?


Scientists claim that dogs and cats pollute the environment more than vehicles. In a report, recently published in the journal New Scientist, researchers from New Zealand calculated that each year a medium-sized dog consumes in average 164 pounds of meat and 95 pounds of grain. The environmental footprint from the production of meat and grain is equivalent to an area of 0.84 hectares.

The reports adds that a 4x4 car that crosses 10,000 kilometers each year has an impact on the environment that corresponds to 0.41 hectares, which is 2 times less than the dog. To put it simple, Roland Sarda-Esteve, who works as an engineer at the Laboratory Science of Climate and the Environment, said: "When you have an animal or an object, there is necessarily a price and a carbon footprint."

The report raised a number of disagreements, mainly from pet advocates, who claim that researchers are giving a false picture. According to Huttin Reha, president of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, says that scientists are just playing with numbers. She also expresses her worries regarding the fact that the results of the report could lead to the imposition of certain rules that would limit the size of pets. While the debates continue, one thing remains clear - it is us, humans, who are to blame for the environmental problems and pets really have to do very little with it.

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