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Europe to Suffer from Hot, Dry Summers Resulting from Climate Change


According to scientists, in about a century Spain and Italy will suffer burning, dry summers. In the meantime people living in central and north-west Europe will be enduring what is known today as Mediterranean warmth.

Together with his colleagues from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute located in De Bilt, Reindert Haarsma applied existing computer models in order to analyze the alterations in weather patterns that take place as a result of anticipated global warming.

These weather patterns showed that the summer temperature in southern Europe would register a 2 to 3 degrees C increase. In addition, lack of rain would leave soils without water. The hot air over the dried up soils would afterwards rise and expand, leading to the creation of a low-pressure zone above the region, informs New Scientist.

Northern areas would also be affected by hot air which would be brought by the winds traveling anticlockwise throughout the waterless region.

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