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Eco-Bar - Solar-Powered Modular Construction With Built-in Planters


Systemateks is a Canadian brand that was established with the idea that the future of design is in developing systems that would make it possible for people to personalize and co-develop designs for themselves.

One of the recent projects elaborated by the company is a modular Eco-Bar. It was built for the Interior Design Show that took place in Toronto in the period between January 26 and 29. It is worth mentioning that the IDS is the largest modern design fair in Canada and the Eco-Bar along with other designs was unveiled at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The Eco-Bar is equipped with an open lattice system that consists of interchangeable panels. The latter can be customized to provide shelving, cabinets, transparent panels, and planters.

In addition, the shed includes solar panels for energy. It can also collect rainwater with the help of gutters. The water is stored in tanks so it could irrigate the plants with automated hoses.

[via Inhabitat]

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