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Eco-City Fully Managed by Central Computer Brain


A joint venture composed of such companies as Cisco Systems, McLaren Electronic Systems and Accenture came up with the idea of a green city that will be entirely managed by the central computer brain.

Inspired by biology, the Portuguese Eco-City will make use of a centralized computer brain that will control such key functions as water usage, waste processing and energy consumption.

It is worth mentioning that the city will feature a network of sensors, which can be compared to the human nervous system. The network will gather information and control the city.

In addition to the central computer brain, the city boasts a number of other functions that can be compared to a living organism, including a renal system of reeds and bamboo that will be used to filter water, a digestive system, the role of which will be played by the dishwasher-sized contraptions used to process the human waste and food to generate bio-fuel and a visual sensing system that will be used to track lost children and help them find their way home.

Besides, by using special applications, the residents will be able to keep track of data regarding various local issues such as traffic, informs PopSci.

In order to maximize space, the buildings will have the form of hexagons. The cost of the whole project is estimated at approximately $19 billion. The eco-city project is expected to be completed by 2015.

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