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Eco-Cybernetic City - Environmentally-Conscious Structure


Eco-Cybernetic City is a self-sufficient structure designed by Orlando De Urrutia. It harnesses all types of natural sourcing including water, wind and solar energy.

Called by the designers "alive machine," the Eco-Cybernetic City interacts with the surroundings, having aerogenerators mounted in the two-tower building to make use of the airflows that pass between the towers to produce electricity.

The structure has 150 floors and boasts special built-in systems that allow it to collect rainwater and water from the air. The facade of the building features a series of photovoltaic lattices that produce solar energy. In addition, the LED facade of the Eco-Cybernetic City interacts with the alterations in the atmosphere.

Covered with bio-climatic panels, the building makes it possible to grow vegetation. As soon as the surface is vegetated it creates a green mantle used to clean the air around it.

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