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Eco-Friendly Farming Platform that Grows Food Offshore


The world is continuously urbanizing and it seems that we might have a future without farming. In order to solve the problem some architectural firms designed a series of vertical farms that could be constructed in big cities. However, there is one company, called Formation Design Group, which thought about offshore farming.

The Equinox is the project that involves the making of a self-sufficient, zero-emission offshore farming platform.

The offshore farming platform was developed to be used in areas with dense population and a lack of land for food production.

It is worth mentioning that the Equinox runs on electrical propulsion system. The latter is powered by renewable energy that is collected using solar and wing generators installed onboard.

In addition, the self-sufficient platform harvests rainwater. It also desalinates seawater in order to use it for the farm, informs EcoFriend.

Another interesting feature of Equinox is its ability to anchor at locations in the sea where the environment is the most suitable for growing food.

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