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Eco-Friendly Hotel With Built-in Ski Slope


This incredible structure was designed by Michael Jantzen, who decided to create a hotel that would not only be comfortable for those willing to spend some time in one of the 95 rooms, but also be self-sufficient.

It is worth mentioning that the hotel is powered by wind and solar energy. But probably the most impressive part of the design is the huge 400-feet ski slope incorporated into the building. The eco-hotel is meant to provide comfort for Aspen visitors and for everyone who cares about the environment.

The structure features 8 wind turbines and a series of solar cells. Windows that face south will help warm up a big thermal mass mounted in the floor of the hotel's lobby. They will produce passive solar heating together with several deeply hidden earth pipes.

The equipment in the eco-friendly gym in the hotel will produce electricity. On top on the slope there's a bar where guests can have a drink.

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