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Eco-friendly Jeans: Freeze Them to Clean Them


Tristar, a company with headquarters in Rio, recently unveiled its new line of eco-friendly jeans made of organic cotton. To clean the jeans you should simply put them in the freezer, without having to use the washing machine.

According to the company's owner Jandira Barone, 24 hours in the freezer is all it takes to clean the jeans from bacteria. At the same time Barnoe told Jornal A Tribuna that in case the jeans will have stains that are hard to remove you might consider washing them the traditional way.

It is worth mentioning that the cotton the jeans are made of is organically grown on a special plantation in Brazil, where no water or hazardous chemicals are used. Although the company's jeans are eco-friendly, Tristar will mostly focus on advertising its product as fashionable and comfortable clothing. Those wishing to become the owners of the environmentally-conscious jeans will have to pay around $150 a pair.

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