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Eco-Friendly Transparent Water Cube Pavilion


MVRDV, architecture and urban design firm based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has recently presented its new design for the World Expo 2012 which will take place in Yeosu, Korea.

Entitled "The Water Cube Pavilion," the structure was inspired from the beauty of the ocean. The interiors is the transparent Water Cube are illuminated by natural light that passes through the walls made of four layers of glass. It would be interesting to mention that between each layer there's water.

During the exposition, the structure will provide space for exhibitions and gatherings. The surrounding wall, from which the Cube is constructed off, will include a series of water basis that are arranged in a way to resemble the world map.

The roof of the structure is made using 5-meter high beams that expand from the supporting web toward the "North Pole", the point representing the roof's center.

In order to keep the circulation of water through the building, the designers decided to use sea water from outside. The skin of the Water Cube includes elements that can be used to manage the temperature for the water basis. In addition, these elements will feature solar cells to generate green energy to power the Cube and pump up the sea water, and rolling curtains so it would be possible to control the penetration of UV. More information can be found here.

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