Tuesday, 10 Aug, 2010 Environment

Eco-Friendly Volcano-Like Stadium Built in Mexico


At the end of July the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, witnessed the opening of an extraordinary soccer stadium that resembles a volcano.

The stadium is not only a work of art but is also an eco-friendly structure with numerous green features. It is worth mentioning that the French architects Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet created this stadium for the Chivas, a popular soccer team in the country.

The structure is able to collect rainwater which is then processed through wetlands and used to water the playing field. Every bulb on the stadium is energy efficient. In addition, the parking garage boasts natural ventilation, informs Designboom.

There are 45,000 seats and 8,500 parking spaces found under the hillside. When there's no match on, the hillside opens as public parkland.

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