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Eco-park Design Unveiled in South Korea


The plans to construct a large-scale nature reserve have been recently presented by the National Ecological Institute of South Korea. The environment center will include several eco domes, an educational center and an environmental center.

The Ecorium Project was designed by SAMOO and it is expected to become a one-of-a-kind environmental center, which will cover an area of thousands of acres besides greenhouses and a visitor center.

The main goal of the project is to provide information about nature and offer space for those willing to find out more about the world's eco-systems and the best ways of preserving them. Ecorium features a 33,000 sq meter nature reserve, which in its turn has a large wild plant area along with a wetland reserve, informs World Architecture News.

To cut the level of energy use, designers decided to place advanced system of interconnecting wedge-shaped greenhouses that can adjust to the conditions inside the building based on the climate conditions from the outside. Such systems are located in the center of the eco-park and each one of them is made using metal panels, low-iron and low-e double glazing, wood and plexiglass.

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